Prescription errors and medication mistakes cause over one million injuries and deaths in the United States every year.  These avoidable injuries could be caused by a doctor prescribing the medications incorrectly, the pharmacy filling the wrong dosage, or by nurses dispensing a different patient’s drugs.

Mistakes involving prescription medications are so common and prevalent in hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities that it has been estimated an average of one mistake per patient per day is made.  While the vast majority of these mistakes may not lead to serious injury, some prescription errors can lead to the patient’s death.

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Medication prescription mistakes are a preventable problem, but often very little is done to avoid these errors.  Simple steps that could be taken to double check medications and clearly write prescriptions are not followed by most hospitals and medical providers.  As a result of this carelessness and negligence, thousands of Americans suffer serious injuries or die every year.

Patients in nursing homes and long term care facilities are often the most susceptible to these prescription errors.  A 2006 study by the Institute of Medicine found that nursing homes and long term facilities often do not disclose these mistakes to the patient and family.


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