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The lawyers of Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP, have handled thousands of toxic tort and environmental law cases throughout the entirety of the United States. Medical complications stemming from lead poisoning, mold, asbestos, pollution and toxic waste are well known and documented. When companies, governments and governmental officials ignore the facts and put the public at risk, legal action can be taken.

Seeking a Full Financial Recovery for Environmentally Injured Victims

Whether you were working in a hazardous environment, lived near a hazardous waste site, had your government expose you to unsafe environmental conditions such as lead, or live near a fracking site, you are entitled to legal protection if your health has been put at risk from toxic exposure. We can work with your doctor and our environmental injury experts to understand the type of injuries you have received from the environmentally unsafe conditions you have been exposed to. Our experts and your doctors will help us prove a link between the toxic exposure and medical conditions that appear very gradually such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and cancer.

Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP can incorporate evidence from similar claims to show a trend of medical-related complications stemming from the toxic exposure. We may be able to pursue a class action or mass tort lawsuit if everyone involved has been affected by the same type of toxic exposure in the same way. Our top priority is to get you the recovery you are entitled to due to your toxic exposure injuries as well as any compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering.

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Environmental injury claims are highly complicated. Negligent companies, governments and governmental officials often devote a substantial amount of resources to try and protect themselves from liability. We are not afraid to go against any of these listed offenders, because we will not be intimidated to fight for your rights and recovery. Our firm knows the right environmental experts to prove fault, to get you the best recovery possible. Contact Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP for a free consultation today.


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