Get Everything You Deserve After an Accident Injury

Every day, individuals suffer serious personal injuries in automobile accidents caused by a careless or reckless driver. When an accident is caused by another driver’s negligence, Marc J. Bern & Partners can help you through the process and make sure that you obtain all of the benefits and money you are entitled to receive.

Marc J. Bern & Partners and its professional team has represented accident victims throughout New York, New Jersey and more. Following an accident, it is important to protect your family and make sure that you take the steps necessary to protect your legal rights.

Before talking to the insurance company adjuster, request a free consultation and claim evaluation with our accident attorneys to make sure you understand you obtain everything you deserve. The negligent driver who caused the accident is protected by their insurance company, and it is important to have a qualified personal injury attorney on your side to protect you.


Adjusters, investigators and insurance company attorneys will be working against you in an attempt to minimize your recovery and make sure you receive as little as possible after an injury. The less money they pay you, the more profits the insurance company keeps.

Marc J. Bern & Partners can level the playing field with the insurance company and make sure you get all of the compensation and personal injury benefits you deserve.

Some of the automobile accident insurance benefits you may be entitled to after a car accident include:

  • A rental car while your vehicle is being repaired
  • Proper repair of your vehicle property damage or replacement cost
  • Immediate lost income reimbursement through Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • Payment of medical expenses and prescription expenses
  • Reimbursement for lost wages
  • Benefits to cover future medical expenses if your physician states that they will be necessary
  • Compensation for pain and suffering


If you, a friend or family member have been injured in an automobile accident caused by another person, you should request a free consultation or call our 24 hour toll free injury hotline at 1-800-529-5432 to speak with an attorney. Even if you decide not to hire a lawyer, you should make sure you are aware of your legal rights.

There are no fees or expenses until we win your case. Every case has a time statute of limitations, so it is important that you make sure your legal rights are protected.