Insurers Failing to Pay Business Interruption Claims due to Covid-19

COVIDThe COVID virus has caused many small businesses, especially restaurants, from operating. Numerous small business owners pay insurance company premiums for business interruption (BI) coverage. However, during the ongoing Covid-19 virus shutdowns, many insurance companies are denying business claims and withholding coverage. If this is your current situation, an attorney from Marc J. Bern & Partners will investigate your insurance company policy. If you have a solid claim we can pursue, we will work tirelessly to make your insurance company honor your policy and pay for losses your restaurant or other business suffered during this time.

If insurers are:

  • Not Investigating your claim properly
  • Stating Pandemic is not covered under your policy
  • Asserting that financial loss does not trigger coverage

Then please call Marc J. Bern & Partners to assist you with your Business Interruption claim.

What Is Business Interruption Insurance And What is Covered?
Business interruption insurance, also known as business income insurance, replaces lost income and amounts paid for bills and payroll in the event of a disaster that forces the business to close or reduce operations. Policies traditionally cover, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Profits
  • Fixed costs and operating expenses
  • Civil authority-mandated closures causing direct loss of revenue
  • Costs of relocation to temporary location
  • Extra expenses necessary for continuing operations

Coverage can also extend to:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Loan payments
  • Supplier agreements
  • Insurance payments
  • Taxes
  • Utilities

Business Interruption Information needed to investigate your claim:

  • Copy of Business Interruption Insurance Policy
  • Date the business was closed or impacted by Covid19
  • Reason for business closure
  • Was business contaminated by COVID19 or could have been contaminated?
  • Profit & Loss, payroll, and other financial reports

Insurers Deceitful about Coverage
Insurers may try to deny legitimate claims triggered by our country’s civil authority shutdown. There are insurers who claim that the virus does not cause a dangerous condition to property however, this statement can be factually and legally false. Do not let the insurance industry appear dissuade you from filing a claim based on false information.

Please contact Marc J. Bern & Partners for a free consultation today! We are happy to assist you in getting the Business Interruption compensation you deserve.

No Fees Unless We Win
If you or someone you know owns a business and were told by an insurance company that their business interruption insurance policy does not cover coronavirus-related claims, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

The attorneys at Marc J. Bern & Partners have the expertise to:

  • Review your policy and determine the strength of your claim,
  • Transmit your claim to your insurance and ensure the insurance company provides you with proper coverage,
  • Negotiate a fair settlement amount,
  • Recover relief in court when your insurer does not provide the coverage your policy provides.

Please contact Marc J. Bern & Partners for a free consultation today! We are happy to assist you in getting the Business Interruption compensation you deserve.


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