Reviewing Hip Replacement Lawsuits Nationwide

Marc J. Bern & Partners and its professional team are pursuing potential lawsuits for individuals who have experienced problems following hip replacement surgery that may have been caused by a defectively designed or recalled artificial hip implant.

Financial compensation may be available through a hip replacement lawsuit for individuals who have received any of the following components or any metal-on-metal hip system. There are never any out-of-pocket expenses to hire our hip replacement lawyers to pursue your case, and there are no attorney fees unless we are successful obtaining a recovery in your case.



DePuy ASR Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuit

The recalled DePuy ASR metal hip has been linked to a higher than expected number of failures and a risk of metallosis or metal poisoning, which could cause a number of health problems.

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DePuy Pinnacle Metal-on-Metal Hip Lawsuit

The DePuy Pinnacle is an older metal-on-metal artificial hip, which has also been linked to an increased risk of problems. Lawsuits for DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip patients are being pursued nationwide.

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Wright Conserve Metal Hip Lawsuit

The metal-on-metal design of the Wright Conserve hip system could allow deterioration of the implant as the metal parts rub together, causing loss of the structural integrity and a risk of loosening of the implant.

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Wright Profemur Hip Lawsuit

A defective design of the femoral neck for this system has been linked to a number of catastrophic failures, where Wright Profemur hip implant may shatter or fracture. Although the neck was designed to bend and be modular so it could be more easily adjusted for length, it appears to be particularly prone to problems.

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Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Hip Lawsuit

As a result of problems with the design, a Stryker Rejuvenate recall was issued in July 2012 for the modular neck stem hip replacement system, which has been linked to a risk of corrosion and fretting, which may cause early failure of the implant.

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Zimmer Durom Cup Lawsuit

In 2008, sales of the Zimmer Durom Cup were temporarily halted following an investigation into complaints that the cup had a tendency to loosen inside patients’ bodies. Problems with the Zimmer Durom Cup design, instructions and warnings caused a number of individuals to require revision surgery.

▸Zimmer Durom Cup Recall Lawyers


In recent years, concern has increased among consumers and the medical community about the safety of metal-on-metal hip replacement designs, which were promoted for younger and more active patients. However, the implants have been linked to a staggering number of problems within a few years of surgery, often resulting in the need for revision surgery or life-time medical monitoring due to the risk of metal hip poisoning.

Microscopic shavings of chromium and cobalt may be shed into the body as the metal hip implant parts rub against each other.

Although certain types of implants have resulted in more lawsuits, Marc J. Bern & Partners and its professional team are reviewing potential claims for individuals who received any all-metal artificial hip system that caused them to experience problems