Arapahoe County, Colorado – The civil trial related to the Aurora Theater shooting begins on Monday.

Attorney Marc Jay Bern, from the NYC based law firm, Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP, is representing the twenty-seven families in the civil lawsuit against Cinemark, the company that owns the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado, for what he says to be a “lack of security”.

The civil lawsuit states that the theater owner is being sued for a variety of security issues, including:

  • Disregard for a Homeland security warning memo directed at theaters.
  • Failure to hire any security for the premiere of a film that would bring over a thousand people when security was previously hired.
  • Lack of alarms on the theater’s emergency exit.
  • No CCTV cameras for the building exterior.
  • Lack of security intervention during the shooting.
  • Blatant disregard for their own Cinemark security guidelines.

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Marc Bern was a guest on this week’s Politics Unplugged, where during a recorded interview scheduled to air Sunday on Denver7, he described a warning that the theater chain received from the Department of Homeland Security on May 17, 2012.

Attorney Bern said, “There was a warning more than two months before (the Aurora Theater shooting), the Department of Homeland Security sent out a notice, called a ‘Roll Call Release,’ that said that movie theaters in the United States were potential targets by terrorists”. He goes on to say, “Now this shooter was as good as any terrorist, whether it was ISIS or just this individual, who came in to terrorize and kill individuals.”

Attorney Bern intends to use that ‘Roll Call Release’ document as evidence in the trial that begins with jury selection on Monday. “This Homeland Security warning, ‘Roll Call Release,’ was sent to NATO (National Association of Theater Owners) and then sent to various chains, along with upper management and in this case it stayed there,” said Bern. “The upper management received it, but did nothing with it to warn the various theater general managers and their immediate supervisors.”

~ Original article can be found at Denver7.


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