Firefighter Hearing Loss Lawyers

Marc J. Bern & Partners and its experienced legal team are currently reviewing potential lawsuits for firefighters throughout the country who are suffering from hearing loss.  Founding Partner Marc Bern, one of the nation’s most respected Mass Tort Lawyers, serves as lead attorney. Together with Managing Partner Edward L.C. Marcowitz, who has an unmatched reputation for his work with New York’s Bravest,  they are seeking justice on behalf of thousands of firefighters who are suffering the devastating effects of siren exposure.

Firefighters often experience significant irreversible hearing loss from exposure to the unreasonably high decibel levels produced by sirens. In addition to hearing loss, many firefighters are also often afflicted with a maddening condition called tinnitus which results in a constant ringing in the ears. For years it was felt that hearing loss was simply something that had to be tolerated as a part of the job, but the fact is that Firefighter Hearing Loss was  preventable.   It has been discovered that the siren manufacturer had the technology and the ability to install a device called a “shroud”  which would have redirected the sound away from the cab preventing this exposure thus saving the hearing of untold numbers of firefighters . 

The pending lawsuit does not seek damages from employers or municipalities but instead seeks damages, as noted above, from siren manufacturers due to the negligent and dangerous design of its product. The lawsuit seeks to hold the manufacturer, which has profited to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, responsible for the human consequences of the dangerous design and application of its product which has caused Firefighter Hearing Loss across the country.


Financial compensation may be available through a hearing loss lawsuit for firefighters as a result of the manufacturer’s faulty design. To review a potential case for yourself, a friend or family member, please request a free consultation and claim evaluation.

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