Founding Partner

Marc Jay Bern

Founding Partner

Mr. Bern, a nationally-recognized trial attorney, is the Founding Partner of the firm. In a legal career spanning over 35 years, Mr. Bern has tried more than 100 cases to jury verdict and has settled hundreds of cases for amounts in excess of $1,000,000. Marc is honored to sit on the prestigious Board of Directors of the New York City Police Museum.


Joseph J. Cappelli

Senior Partner

Mr. Cappelli is a senior partner of the firm and is a nationally recognized trial attorney with over twenty years of litigation experience. Mr. Cappelli has successfully litigated and settled hundreds of claims throughout the United States on behalf of people injured by the negligence of others.

Edward L. C. Marcowitz

Managing Partner

Mr. Marcowitz values the relationships with his clients and understands the decisions he helps them make can be life changing. With this knowledge he understands the most valuable services he can provide a client, in addition to his legal skills, are personal attention, honesty and the development of a trusting relationship. Eddie is proud to serve as the personal attorney to the Zadroga Family. The Zadroga Act is named after Joe and Linda Zadroga’s son James, a decorated New York City Detective, who died as a result of his WTC exposures.

Diane M. Coffey


Diane utilizes her years of litigation experience to advocate for clients injured by harmful pharmaceutical drugs, defective implants and devices, and works to hold accountable those companies which fail to adequately test their products or which give inadequate warnings to consumers of their known dangers. Diane heads up our Delaware office.

Elliot M. Schaktman


Elliot has 34 years of experience protecting the safety, health and rights of people suffering permanent injuries due to negligence and works on their behalf to pursue justice and obtain just compensation.  Licensed in New York and New Jersey, heads the Intake Department as “gatekeeper” of the firm, reviewing all potential new cases. 

Debra Humphrey


Debra Humphrey concentrates her practice on multi-jurisdictional mass tort claims and asbestos-related litigation.  She has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of mesothelioma victims and their families.

General Counsel

Brian H. Brick

General Counsel

Brian H. Brick serves as general counsel to the firm and is the head of the Commercial & Business Litigation Group. Mr. Brick has substantial experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in federal and New York State courts and in arbitrations and mediations. His clients have included both for-profit and not-for-profit companies, institutional and private investors, limited liability companies, directors, officers, and individuals involved in commercial and business affairs.


Thomas J. Joyce


Tom Joyce is a trial attorney who has represented railroad workers in cases brought under the Federal Employers Liability Act for nearly 30 years. Tom has tried numerous FELA cases to verdict in railroad cases involving personal injuries, wrongful death, occupational injuries that happen over time, occupational exposure and occupational cancer. Tom has settled hundreds of FELA cases on behalf of injured railroad workers. Tom is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is a past President of the Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys.

Mark J. Mustin


Mr. Mustin concentrates his practice in personal injury cases including mass-torts products liability, FELA railroad injury claims, professional negligence and heavy equipment accidents.  Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Mustin was credited with the development of a national health screening program for railroad workers which included exposure to asbestos products, toxic solvents as well occupationally induced hearing-loss.

Shawn M. Sassaman


Mr. Sassaman concentrates his practice on Federal Employer Liability Act (FELA) cases involving railroad workers who were injured on the job and who are seeking just compensation for their injuries. Mr. Sassaman focuses on cases involving traumatic injuries; repetitive stress injuries that occur over the course of time; occupational hearing loss and; asbestos exposure.

Margaret E. Cordner


Margaret Cordner focuses her practice on representing  individuals who have been injured by harmful pharmaceutical drugs and defective medical devices, working to hold accountable those responsible for corporate wrongdoing and inadequate product warning, research and testing.

Erica C. Stapleton


Erica proudly represents individuals who are suffering through catastrophic, permanent injuries due to the negligence of others. She strives to hold accountable those persons responsible and works to pursue justice and just compensation. 

John Clark


John Clark is an associate committed to serving clients who have suffered personal injuries as a result of automobile accidents, toxic exposures, medical malpractice and general negligence. John approaches every case as if it is personal, and is a passionate advocate for clients throughout the entire litigation process.


Kenneth L. Wan


Kenneth represents victims injured by defective pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices, working to hold accountable those responsible for corporate wrongdoing and inadequate product warning, research and testing. He also represents victims injured by asbestos exposure.

Omar H. Kazmi


Omar Kazmi represents clients under the 9/11 Zadroga Victim’s Compensation Fund as well as multi-district mass tort litigation including the Flint Water Crisis. Having lived abroad, Omar is a staunch advocate for international human rights.

Eileen M. McGivney


Eileen McGivney focuses her practice in the area of personal injury. Prior to joining the firm, Eileen represented clients who sustained injuries as the result of motor vehicle accidents, work-related accidents, nursing home negligence, and medical malpractice.

Alexandra Colella


Alexandra Colella advocates for victims of dangerous pharmaceuticals. 

Ryan Sharp


Ryan Sharp advocates for victims in litigation involving mass torts with a focus on environmental litigation, including residents of Flint, Michigan who suffered from toxic water contamination. 

Dale B. Ratner


Dale Ratner is based in California and focuses his practice on product liability and pharmaceutical litigation as well as employment law.  He represents individuals who have been injured by dangerous pharmaceutical products and has been successful in helping to recover millions of dollars in compensation for his clients’ injuries, including victims of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma.