INVESTORS: You have recession rights

Were you sold an interest in a hedge fund by an internal marketer NOT REGISTERED with a regulated broker/dealer?

Did a hedge fund you invested in engage in an AGGRESSIVE industry practice?

You may be entitled to a FULL REFUND of your investment.

Under federal and several states’ securities laws, investors may have the right to cancel their securities purchase contracts and get a full refund if the internal marketer or finder is determined to not to have been properly registered with a broker-dealer at the time of the sale.

According to federal law, this right of rescission applies until either (a) three years from the issuance date of the securities, or (b) one year from the date the violation was discovered—whichever is later. Any purchaser involved in the transaction is afforded the right of rescission, and not just those located by the finder.

*Finder/internal marketer constitutes anyone who engaged in “marketing activities” regardless of how they are compensated.


No single factor can be used to establish whether a finder is engaged in the activities of a broker-dealer. Various factors are usually given some weight to make this determination, so please complete and submit the free consultation form on the right for more information and a FREE legal consultation.