Born in Brooklyn, New York on July 23, 1951. Chet graduated from Hofstra University in 1973 as a political science major and went on to Nova University School of Law.

Chet came from humble beginnings in Brooklyn and now he’s settling million dollar cases. With sheer grit, a thorough knowledge of his own legal specialities and knowing how and when to use the experts to win.

“I’m the same as any person, except I’ve had the opportunity to better myself through education. Thanks to the government loans that helped me pay my way through college and law school.”

He worked as a criminal attorney in Florida for a few years after graduating law school, then came back to New York with, “two cents in my pocket”. After a brief stint in the business world, Chet passed the New York Bar and began his career as a lawyer.

“I learned my trade through the people I worked for. I became a partner in several different major New York personal injury firms at a very young age. That doesn’t really happen to people. So, I was able to learn my craft and learn it well. ”

Today, Chet is a highly specialized personal injury attorney. Working on only the most complex cases, he’s responsible for handling multi-million dollar lawsuits. As a result, Chet Kern’s work has evolved to important cases with nationwide impact. Some of which include cases revolving around Hurricane Katrina, lead paint and several class action drug suits. Winning is what he cares about. He wins for you while simultaneously helping to set precedent that can improve living and working conditions for others.

“I became a lawyer’s lawyer. Other people found me and clients remembered me.”