For Immediate Release – Friday, April 8, 2016.

Photo credit (Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio). Attorneys Chet Kern, standing, and Marc Bern, seated, announce a class-action lawsuit against Gov. Rick Snyder and other officials involved with decisions linked to the Flint Water Crisis.

Attorney Chet Kern alleges government officials misrepresented the Flint’s drinking water quality so that they could keep their “scheme” working for them.

“Nobody intentionally wanted the people of Flint poisoned,” says Kern. “All of this came out of a scheme to balance the budget of the city of Flint.”

The class action lawsuit alleges Gov. Rick Snyder, three of Flint’s former emergency managers, state officials, former Flint city leaders, and others decided to eliminate the city’s budget deficit, and avoid bankruptcy, by charging high rates for Flint’s drinking water.

Attorneys at Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP are currently investigating lead poisoning claims as a result of the water supply in Flint Michigan being contaminated with elevated levels of lead. Call Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP at 1-800-LAW-5432 to discuss a potential case.

State officials have acknowledged erroneously advising Flint officials not to treat the river water with anti-corrosive chemicals, and that not doing so enabled lead to leach from aging pipes and reach some homes, businesses and schools. Tests last fall showed that levels of lead in the blood of some children in the city rose after the water systems were switched.

Lead is a potent neurotoxin that can damage child brain development and cause behavioral problems, and also can sicken adults. Flint switched back to the Detroit system last October.

Seeking Damages for Flint Residents

Dozens of other suits have been filed seeking damages for Flint residents exposed to the city’s lead-tainted tap water. The legal team involved in the latest suit has been involved in similar litigation in the past. Marc Bern with the legal firm of Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP represented Ground Zero rescue and recovery workers after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York, who later developed cancer and other ailments.

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